15 Feb 2011

Welcome to Tiger Werkstätte!


Welcome to my repository of Tiger tank information including time-line facts and build pictures. This database was born of the Tiger Evolution blog that I started in 2010, which seemed to snowball into the behemoth of a project it is today. I realised soon into the series that I needed to create a clear & concise index of data and scale model builds, which I hope that this satisfies.

If you look to the left of this post there is an index, starting with this welcome note, then running through the months of production of the Tiger 1, including April 1942 for the prototype VK 45.01 (H) and culminating in two Sturmtiger builds, which represent two post-production Tiger 1 conversions (early and late). I will also include references to models, aftermarket and a bibliography for fellow modellers to refer to if needed.

This series intends to encapsulate all of the main build features of each production month of the Sd Kfz 181 Tiger 1 tank, the data will be presented in a clear factual manner; if I get any facts wrong, please feel free to contact me via comments facility here on blogspot and I will rectify my errors.

I hope you will find this resource as much use as I have had fun with the process of assembling the facts about these models, let alone building them!

All the best and thanks for looking in.


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