15 Feb 2011

September 1942

Tiger 1, Initial (Tiger 112, sPzAbt 501/‘DAK’)

The second build of this run will incorporate items from Dragon 6252, Tiger 1 Initial Production, Leningrad 1943 and necessary supplements from the Tamiya ‘DAK’ Tiger 1 kit.  My initial plan was to use the Tamiya kit wholly, but on inspection that kit has an incorrect engine deck configuration and will lends itself better to a later Tiger in the production run (I will use this for the David Parker 1943 sPzAbt 502 Doppleganger Tiger).  There will be a styrene DAK-style turret bin on this build.  This Tiger was produced in the autumn of 1942 (September) and was one of the first 20 of the production run.  You will recognise the Initial Tiger 1 features throughout this build, but will also spot the obvious upgrades.

Principally the popular concept of a DAK Tiger was an initial Tiger 1 with some embellishment.  There were subtle differences between many of the DAK Tigers, but this one will represent one of the earliest arrivals in Tunisia, having been received by the sPzAbt 501 and then later passed over to the 10 Pz Div in North Africa.  Looking at later DAK Tigers they look very similar to the classic ‘Early’ Tiger 1, with few identifiable DAK features, but with this build I hope to encapsulate the distilled DAK version.  Having spent time looking for the right Tiger 1, Afrika I have come to the conclusion that Tiger 112, later 812 and finally 712 (same Tiger, different tac numbers under different companies/Abteilungen) is the correct AFV to build; an Initial Tiger 1 with back-to-front tow ropes, sloped fenders and all the trimmings (that I can see).  Some of the additions may be incorrect, but I will throw the DAK book at this tank and hope to give it the number 112, which will represent Fgst 250012, which is just a pigeon step away from the last build, but will have a number of differences, albeit superficial.

Features of this build include;

  • Tiger 1 early 88mm barrel
  • KFF2 periscopic sights for the driver above the driver’s visor
  • Initial style gun mantlet
  • Asymmetrical turret rear pistol ports
  • DAK style turret bin (different to the later production version)
  • Unique DAK-style louvered exhaust shrouds
  • Spare track carriage at the bottom of the rear plate
  • The first application of all left-hand run Tiger 1, early tracks
  • Reverse tow cable stowage
  • Unique track cable stowage
  • Ranging vane on the turret
  • Flappers on the exhaust
  • Initial style crank starter mount
  • Second style tow U-hooks (rounded shanks)
  • Early-style Feifel and apparatus
  • Glacis mounted twin Bosch lights
  • DAK-style round-edged rear mudguards
  • Angulated fender runs on both sides
  • Rear plate mounted tool box
  • Camouflage loops introduced
  • Rear plate reflector (absent in the first build)

This project used the following items;

  • PzKpfwVI Ausf E SdKfz 181, Tiger 1 Initial Production, ref 6252
  • Tamiya DAK Tiger, ref 6252 for specific DAK spares
  • Friul Tiger 1 Early tracks, ref ATL-25
  • Voyager Model DAK Tiger 1 for Tamiya PE set, ref 35227
  • Armorscale 8.8cm KwK 36 L/56 Tiger I barrel & resin mantlet (early model), ref
  • Archer fine surface detail resin numbers for casting marks
  • Aber MG 34 machine gun tips barrel for turret mount, ref 35L83
  • Aber Barrel for German Tank MG 34 machine guns, ref 35L63
  • RB Models turned brass antenna, ref 35A02
  • Voyager Model Feifel hoses
  • Aber 15t jack

Items to be used from the Tamiya DAK Tiger;

  • Turret bin
  • Early design Feifel
  • Rear plate tool box

The final finish of the includes a weathered Olive green base-colour with a white – outlined tactical number (112) on left and right aspects of the turret or alternatively RAL8000 Gelbbraun basecoat with RAL7008 Graugrun overspray.

Thanks for looking in!


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